Protection Products

Materials and Compoundmaterial

Aramid fibre LBBZ DURAMID P2™*

Glass fibre - Carbon fibre- UHMwPE-fabric

Steel plates from e.g. Armox 500 / 600 Secure X00*

Ballistic Aluminium

Manufacture acc. to DIN 2303, DIN2350, regulation WTD91

Certified for Welding of protective steel

Certified for Lasercutting of protective steel

Certified for cold-forming of protective steel

Certified LBBZ DURAMID™* material

Products and Safety Systems

Ready fit protection kits for vehicles

Components for personal protective gear 

Combination of steel- fibre compound-

acoustic- and insulating material

** SECURE and ARMOX are registered trademarks. All right reserved by their respective trademark holders.- DURAMID and DURAMID P2 are registered trademarks of LBBZ GmbH.
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